Take Action

For you and your family
  • Get informed about the health risks from the use of wireless technologies and exposure to EMR 
  • Reduce your exposure to EMR (see section on reducing EMR and other links) and take steps to protect yourself, your family and your pets from elevated levels of EMR. See latest ARPANSA fact sheet 14.
  • Sign the petition to stop the use of WiFi and 3G internet in schools until long-term exposure has been proven harmless 
  • Share the petition widely with all your contacts – (email the Avaaz petition link to contacts, post the petition directly on your contacts’ Facebook wall or tag them in your post)
  • Download, print and share this information flyer. Click here to download pdf flyer
  • Do your own in-depth research to help you assess the risks and determine the steps to take.   Look at the ‘scientific evidence’ and 'resource downloads' on this website to assess EMRs harmful biological effects on humans, animals and plants.  Do not rely on hollow assurances from authorities, industry and media claiming there are no risks from chronic exposure to EMR to children or adults. 
  • Educate your children about how to use wireless technology safely
  • Spend time in nature (preferably without EMR devices and away from mobile phone towers and other antennas) - try walking, gardening, sitting in a park or standing barefoot for a few minutes connecting to the earth to feel the difference between man-made and naturally occurring EMR in the environment.

  • Inform your child’s school about the health risks and ask them to stop the use of WiFi and 3G internet in schools until it has been proven to be harmless for long-term use. Resources available to download here.
  • Ask the school to conduct an EMR risk assessment and management plan to reduce EMR exposure based on the Precautionary Principle  A wireless-free policy which restricts the use of mobile phones and DECT cordless phones in classrooms and schools will help reduce children’s exposure to radiation. 
  • Inform the school P&C and your state P&C about this issue and urge them to support actions to help stop children being unnecessary exposed to chronic wireless radiation at school.
  • Start a parent action group to help raise awareness about the health risks and mobilise parents to take action. Use the available skills, talents, resources and unique dynamics of your group to help bring about the needed changes for your school to implement a wireless-free policy.
  • Inform Teachers’ Unions and teachers about the health and safety implications of long-term occupational exposure to wireless radiation at schools and encourage them to support a wireless-free school policy.

  • Use the material on this website and other links as a resource to help inform people in your community about the health risks and implications of using wireless devices (including doctors, hospital staff, mothers groups, play groups, sporting groups, seniors, community and religious groups) - let them know that mobile phones, WiFi and all RF wireless technologies are now classified by the WHO as a possible cancer causing agent.
  • Promote and favour wired technologies at home, school and work places
  • Become an education facilitator in your local community to help raise awareness. Support community action to reduce EMR and create wireless free zones in public places.
  • Increase communications to the public about the potential health hazards of wireless devices through discussion forums online and offline via social media sites, art, music, film, theatre, e-magazines, posters, leaflets and any other creative expression of your choice.
  • Inform children's and youth groups about the potential risks and educate them on how to use wireless devices more safely
  • Widen the network to call for a precautionary approach – connect with animal welfare groups and environmental and conservation groups informing them of the biological effects of EMR on animals, insects and plants. For more information and links to studies on animals and plants.
  • Email/write to the Prime Minister, Health and Education Ministers and ask them to stop the use of WiFi and 3G internet in schools as a precautionary measure until there is conclusive proof of no long-term biological harm to children.  Ask them to revise current safety standards to better protect public health in a rapidly increasing wireless world and to provide accurate information based on the overall scientific evidence of risk.  Remind them of their responsibilities to protect children’s health ahead of convenience and industry profits.  Ask them to fund independent research on the long-term biological effects of EMR. Encourage them to support research to develop telecommunications based on other technologies which are just as efficient but less problematic for human health and the environment. 

  • Contact the media informing them of their responsibility to provide the public with in-depth and consistent information on the potential health risks from wireless technologies.  Encourage them to report on both sides of the debate, cover independent studies and facilitate an open public debate so that we can collectively decided how the Precautionary Principle should be implemented to help reduce the potential long-term risks.

  • As a valued customer or potential customer you can write to industry representatives letting them know you are concerned about their products emitting EMR.  You can urge them to develop low emitting radiation devices in order to better protect public health and their future customers.  Specific absorption rate (SAR), RF exposure information, etc are currently buried in user manuals (e.g recommended mobile phone distance from head during use).  Ask for these important details and other safety instructions to be clearly labelled on the outside of the device so that customers can use these devices more safely.
  •  Ask them to produce mobile phones with a directional antenna to beam the radiation away from the user’s head.   Ask them to produce mobile phones without a microphone and loudspeaker and only provide a wired head-set (a head-set that doesn't transmit EMR to the head). This would ensure that the mobile phone is kept away from the user’s head.