The Effect of Wireless Technologies on Wildlife and Animals

Globally, an increasing scientific understanding is rapidly emerging that wireless technologies are causing harm to wildlife and our domestic animals.

Alfonso Balmoro (PhD), a wildlife biologist from Spain, claims electromagnetic radiation is a potential cause for the decline of animal populations and for the deterioration of plant health near mobile phone masts. He explains that microwave and radiofrequency pollution create long term health effects to wildlife because the phone masts are irradiating continuously, (A. Balmori, Electromagnetic pollution from phone masts. Effects on wildlife, Pathophysiology -2009).

Research studies show that harmful effects have been observed on an array of animals including bees, worms, fruit flies, amphibians, rats, monkeys, birds, bird eggs and varieties of livestock. (www.livingplanet.be/emranimals.htm)

One explanation for some of the harmful effects is related to magnetite which occurs naturally as part of the animal’s physiology. Magnetite has a navigational function used by animals including bees, butterflies, birds, fish and dolphins. Around mobile phone towers for example, interference to the bird’s magnetic navigation attributes to nests containing fewer eggs and chicks showing deformities and subsequently, populations of bird species are in decline.

With regard to bees, a serious problem called “Colony Collapse Disorder”, has been afflicting bee colonies worldwide. Studies have revealed that the increase of mobile phone towers is correlated to this disorder through interference with bees navigational skills.

Alarming case studies relating to livestock exposed to mobile phone or radio towers include the following:
In Casaveieja, Spain, farmers were blaming mobile phone towers for their pigs’ miscarriages. Finally when the town council disassembled the antennae the problem stopped, (A. Balmori, Electromagnetic pollution from phone masts. Effects on wildlife, Pathophysiology -2009).

In Bavaria, Germany, a transmission tower erected nearby a farmer’s paddock resulted in the cows developing a variety of problems including reproductive problems, conjunctivitis, decreased milk production and unusual ‘weaving’ in the stalls. Upon relocating an afflicted cow 20 km away, the health and behaviour of the cow quickly improved.

On the other side of the world, famous New Zealand horse trainer Penny Hargreave’s farm was located near a radio tower. All 90 of her horses became nervy and jumpy, lost balance, displayed volatile behaviour, suffered an increase in infections and walked as if their feet hurt. Penny’s family also suffered various health problems until they moved away. (www.emfwise.com/science_details.php#plants)

Internationally renowned German bioscientist, Dr Ulrich Warnke from the University of Saarland published his report, “Bees, Birds and Mankind Destroying Nature by `Electrosmog´” after years of research.  Dr Warnke, a specialist on nature’s electromagnetic ways has shown how intelligently and delicately nature has woven electrical and magnetic fields into the fabric of life. He estimates that modern humanity will destroy within decades what nature has created over millions of years through our electromagnetic radiation pollution. Of particular concern to Dr Warnke is the honeybee of which he states “No bees means scarce fruit, vegetables and crop harvests”.

As animals cannot lie and are neither hysterical nor hypochondriac, they are essentially perfect test subjects for the display of side effects of electromagnetic pollution. Swiss veterinarian, Christian Metrau explains in several case studies how electromagnetic high frequencies can be the cause of illness as well as an impediment to treatments. One case study involved a young dog suffering from chronic diarrhoea and dysfunction of the thyroid gland. After various treatments proved unsuccessful, a cordless telephone was experimentally removed from the home upon which the dog became healthy again and no longer required hormone treatment. The DECT telephone was never plugged in again and diarrhoea did not reappear.
Whilst international studies have clearly revealed some alarming effects to animals, no doubt a far greater body of evidence showing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation upon our vulnerable wildlife and animals will continue to emerge.

Australia’s Government clearly needs to become less complacent and give more intelligent consideration of its choices regarding wireless technologies, through funding and research. Furthermore, since animals have no voice, it is now imperative that caring individuals speak up on their behalf and find out how they can contribute toward finding solutions to the ever increasing problems arising from electromagnetic radiation pollution.

As Americas’ famous Chief Seattle so wisely said back in 1854,   “All things are connected... Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself.”

The ever increasing use of wireless technologies clearly means that helping our wildlife and animals has never been more urgent.

For more information and studies on the effects of EMR on animals, insects and plants: