Governments and Authorities Around the World
Countries like Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Russia and China have set exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times less than Australia.  This is because they recognise that there can be non-thermal biological effects from electromagnetic radiation at levels below the current exposure limits that we have in Australia.

More than a dozen countries restrict the use of mobile phones by children and advise precautions regarding their use.  However increasing numbers of authorities from around the world are also banning or warning against Wi-Fi use in schools.

The Israeli Ministry Of Education has issue new guidelines regarding WiFi use in schools. As of 27 August 2013 the guidelines will stop the installation of wireless networks in classrooms prior to the first grade and limit the use of WiFi between first and third grades. Teachers will be required to turn off mobile phones and WiFi routers when they are not being used.  English translated version

In July 2013 the Israeli Supreme Court Ordered the Israeli Government to investigate the number of children Suffering From EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity).

The French National Assembly voted on 19 March 2013 to adopt the precautionary principle to WiFi in schools
in order to protect children’s health,  French Ministers voted to promote wired connections in schools and not WiFi.

After the release of the BioInitiative Report in 2007, the European Environmental Agency, called for immediate action to limit exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and mobile phone towers.

The Council of Europe has called for a ban on Wi-Fi use in schools and recommends wired internet connections in schools.

Some schools in England, France and Canada have dismantled their Wi-Fi and reverted to a wired system due to concerns raised by parents and teachers, and also due to health symptoms experienced by some children.

The French national library along with other libraries in Paris, and a number of universities have removed all Wi-Fi networks.  Wi-Fi has also been removed from all schools in the town of Herouville-Saint-Clair.

The Bavarian Parliament has recommended that schools in the province should not use wireless.

The Frankfurt City Government said that it would not install WiFi in its schools until it has been proven to be harmless.

The German Government recommends against the installation of Wi-Fii in schools, the removal of cordless phones and recommends cabled connections rather than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Public Health Department of Salzburg has advised schools not to use WiFi.

In 2008 Russian National Committee on Non-Ironizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP) gave a warning about the serious and irreparable consequences of electromagnetic radiation especially for children.  In 2011, they again intensified this warning and recommended WiFi not be used in schools.

In Austria, the Austrian Medical Association has pressed for a ban of Wi-Fi in schools.

The Swiss Government has issued cautions in regard to wireless radiation emitted by baby monitors, mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc

Israeli’s Minister of Health supports the call to ban Wi-Fi in schools.